Introducing the New Line of Purpose-Built XCMG Forestry Excavators

Designed by Artic Machinery Ltd.  |  Engineered and manufactured entirely by XCMG.

XCMG XE300UF Forestry Excavator

Built for the rigors of logging in BC’s harsh forestry environment, these machines are the first of four new forestry models: 

      • XE210UF
      • XE250UF
      • XE300UF
      • XE360UF

XE300UF Spec Sheet

XCMG XE300UF Forestry Excavator – Decking Wood

XCMG’s XE300UF will not only surprise you in performance but in price as well.

At Artic Machinery Ltd., we know how difficult it is to operate in these tough environmental and economic times.

We’ve brought in 10 XE300UF machines for our current inventory to begin the year.

Let us help you make 2020 a very productive and profitable year.


Introducing the First North American-designed XCMG Motor Grader

Available to order now for all your snow removal, highway maintenance, and construction needs.

GR2605 Grader Brochure