XCMG XE75U Hydraulic Excavator


XE75U Crawler Excavator Highlights

XE75U hydraulic excavator can be used for digging, loading, leveling, ditching, crushing, drilling, clip cutting, lifting and other functions, which has played an increasingly important role in hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland reconstruction, oil pipeline, and other small-scale construction and production field. Especially with the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of infrastructure projects, such as municipal maintenance, landscaping, environmental protection, water, and electricity facilities and property management, has created a huge market space. Design use: suitable for suburban and narrow space; ambient temperature: -15℃~40℃; Working objects: soil below grade III and loose material.


Main technical performance and characteristics:


Newly designed appearance


Through cooperating with domestic well-known construction machinery design company, the new generation appearance has family-style, fashion atmosphere, and a rich sense of technology.


The new panoramic cab has a larger internal space. By use of large-area high-strength tempered glass cover, the strength of the cab is guaranteed, and at the same time, the cab has a wider view.


  1. New power system


Japanese Kubota V2607 engine to meet North America Tire4F emissions



Four-cylinder and direct injection — lower maintenance costs and lower fuel requirements compared with EFI engine, and lower filter element maintenance costs.

Turbocharged — high torque at low speed and low power loss at plateau area.

Maintenance convenience — all the maintenance parts of this engine are arranged outside, which is convenient for daily maintenance.



A new intelligent control system

The new color large screen LCD monitor, conforming to ergonomics requirements, has complete instruments information. More automatic control function can intelligently diagnose the fault causes and effectively shorten the troubleshooting time. Electronic control system possesses the automatic idle speed and acceleration, engine start protection, engine overheating protection and other practical functions. The automatic idle function ensures that the engine will automatically reduce the engine speed when the joystick is at a neutral position, reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, and reduce noise and exhaust emissions. When the joystick is operated again, the engine speed will resume. At the same time, it has a rearview camera to access the rear view of the excavator from the instrument.


  1. New load-sensitive hydraulic system

With the latest technological achievements, it features low energy consumption, rapid response, accurate control, and small impact, and maintains a strong digging force and excellent operating efficiency. By adopting a brand new generation of load sensing hydraulic system, the system pressure loss is much less. The output power of constant power variable piston pump will always adapt to the opening of the multi-way valve element and there is no excess flow loss, which can achieve the flow allocation unrelated to load, the compound action is more flexible, and the leveling action is smoother.


  1. With three major structural parts upgraded and optimized, it is more reliable and durable


Partially strengthen the parts with great stress on the boom, the arm adopts U-type plate by way of compression modeling and welds together with the upper plate, which makes its life longer. With a standard configured new bucket, unloading material will be faster and easier. The main beam of platform adopts I-beam structure and side beam adopts D-shaped cross-section structure, which makes the whole unit more reliable. By adopting an X frame chassis structure, there are stiffener plates inside the underframe, which can form a box body with a large cross-section and achieve better bearing performance. Weight of upper carriage will be applied on the track beam evenly to reduce the local stress concentration of track beam. Adopt the international standard reinforced track, it is more reliable, and maintenance will be faster and easier.


  1. Air prefilter system


The new air pre-filter, which can effectively filter large particles of impurities from entering air filter, and thus prolong the service life of air filter.


  1. High precision fuel filter

large Euro Ⅲ high precision fuel strainer equipped with oil-water separator, filter area is 1.5 times with the same size of other models.


  1. Convenient maintenance and service

Fully open rear hood and side door, daily maintenance points are within reach. Rear engine hood and side door are all made up of sheer metal parts, which are environmentally friendly. Add prefilter to adapt to rough working conditions with more dust and effectively filter and prevent large particles impurities from entering air filter, which can prolong the service life of air filter. The whole machine is standard equipped with a grease gun bracket, tool case, which makes the whole machine’s lubrication maintenance and storage of commonly used repair tools convenient.

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XE75U Crawler Excavator Technical Specification

Operating weightKg7460
Bucket capacity0.18~0.3
TypeDirect injection/
4 Four strokes/
Water cooling/
Air to air intercooler/
No. of cylinders/4
/ Rated Output powerkw/rpm45/2200
Maximum torque/speedN.m225.8/1400-1800
Main performanceTravel speed(H/L)km/h5.4/2.9
Swing speedr/min10
Ground pressurekPa33.5
Bucket digging forcekN57
Arm digging forcekN38
Maximum tractive forcekN68.3
Hydraulic systemMain pump/1

one piston pump

Rated flow of main pumpL/min176
Main safety valve pressureMPa26.5
Travel system pressureMPa26.5
Swing system pressureMPa18.6
Pilot system pressureMPa3.5
Oil CapacityFuel tank capacityL130
Hydraulic tank capacityL76
Engine oil capacityL10
Appearance sizeAOverall lengthmm6150
BOverall widthmm2230
COverall heightmm2685
DWidth of platformmm2070
ETrack lengthmm2825
FTotal width of chassismm2200
GTrack shoe widthmm450
HWheel base of crawlermm2195
ITrack gaugemm1750
JCounterweight clearancemm795
KMin. ground clearancemm380
LMin. tail swing radiusmm1800
MTrack heightmm644
Working rangeAMax. digging heightmm7085
BMax. dumping heightmm5160
CMax. digging depthmm4015
EMax. vertical wall digging depthmm2916
FMax. digging radiusmm6240
GMin. swing radiusmm1820
EquipmentStandardLength of boommm3720
Length of armmm1622
Bucket capacity0.30
OptionalLength of boom
Length of arm
Bucket capacity0.18 Earthwork bucket
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