AW 68

XCMGAW Hydraulic Oils are premium quality antiwear lubricants specially designed for XCMG machinery. Especially suitable for high and medium pressure hydraulics ystems of XCMG EXCAVATORS, CRANES and other construction machinery.

Better low-temperature fluidity and provides excellent low-temperature start up compare with XCMG AW line.

Outstanding anti-wear properties, rust protection, low varnish and deposit formation, excellent demulsibility, oxidation resistance, good antifoam properties and fast air release properties, to protect and extend the life of hydraulic pumps and systems.

Good hydrolytic stability and filterability, ensure optimum product life and performance, and prevent filter blocking.

Fully compatible with common seal materials usually found in hydraulic systems, to extend seal life and prevent fluid leakage.

Moderate- to high-pressure hydraulic systems operating outdoors in severe cold regions or where there is a wide variation in ambient temperature, such as in the marine, construction, mining and oil-industries.

Vane and gear pumps operating under high pressure and low temperatures, as recommended by pump manufacturers.

Severe service hydraulic systems, employing axial and radial piston pumps, as recommended by pump manufacturers.



ISO viscosity grade68
Kinematic viscosity, ASTM D 445
cSt @ 40℃68.16
cSt @ 100℃9.17
Viscosity index, ASTM D 2270110
Air release at 50℃, mins, ASTM D 34278
Foaming characteristics,5/0
sequences 1, 2 and 3, ASTM D 89210/0
Neutralisation number, mg KOH/g, ASTM D 9740.71
FZG test (A/8.3/90), fail load stage FZG, DIN 5134512
Rust prevention, ASTM D 665
distilled waterpass
synthetic sea waterpass
Copper corrosion, 3-h @ 100℃, ASTM D1301b
Water separability, ASTM D 271110(54℃)
Pour point, ℃, ASTM D 97-21
Flash point (COC), ℃, ASTM D 92234
XCMG AW Hydraulic Oil meets the performance
DIN51524 Pt 2
ISO11158 (L-HM)
Cincinnati LambP-69 (ISO 68), P-70 (ISO 46)
Parker DenisonHF-0, HF-1, HF-2 (ISO 46, ISO 68)
Eaton VickersM-2950-S (ISO 46)
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