GTBZ18A1 Articulated Boom

For 18m level “Σ” type linkage folded hybrid boom aerial work platform, its readability, operating performance and humanization have reached to the advanced level in the industry. The linkage folded hybrid arm has compact structure and flexible stretching, which is easy to get to the unreachable areas; with four-wheel drive, off-road wide tires and axle balancing device, the equipment has an excellent drive and terrain adaptability. The model manipulation is simple, safe, reliable, accurate and efficient, which can meet the requirements of the construction, petrochemical, venues, leasing and other industry users.

Product Highlights

1. Strong Road Adaptability

With four-wheel drive, off-road wide tires and new axle floating technology, the drive is superior, and the road adaptability is strong, with the maximum grade ability of 45%, reaching to the highest level in the industry.

2. Accurate and Efficient Operation

“Σ” type linkage folded hybrid boom design; the overall layout is compact and tail swing is small, which is easy to store and access to the narrow space to work; the extending of the boom body is flexible, without regional restrictions and with a wide operating range. It has upward, downward and crossed precise multidirectional positioning functions and excellent extending features.

3. Compactness and flexibility

The complete machine is arranged compactly and crank boom recovery gesture is adopted during transportation with transportation length of only 7m; meanwhile, it adopts tailless wagging design, which is convenient for storage and entering into narrow space for operation.

Size: 357in x 98in x 106in (LxWxH)
Weight: 23367 lbs


Item Unit Parameters
a Overall Length mm 9080
b Overall Width mm 2490
c Overall Height mm 2680
d Wheel Base mm 2500
Maximum Working Height m 20.1
Maximum Platform Height m 18.4
Maximum Working Range m 11.9
Maximum Load Capacity kg 230
1st Boom Luffing Range °  0~+70
2nd Boom Luffing Range  0~+75
Crank Arm Luffing Range -65~+70
Rotation Angle of Rotating Platform ° 360
Maximum Tail Wagging mm 0
Platform Size mm 1830×760
Platform turning angle ° 180
Total Weight kg 10600
Maximum Travel Speed km/h 6
Minimum Turning Radius m 6
Minimum Ground Clearance mm 230
Maximum Grade Ability % 45
Tire Specification 355/55D625
Engine Model Perkins 404D-22
Rated Power of Engine kW/(r/min) 38/(3000)