GTBZ30S Straight Boom

It is a straight boom aerial work platform with the widest scope of application at the elevation of 30 meters. It is featured by: the widest scope of application among the products operating under the same elevation to enhance the ability of operation; the strongest capacity of loading within the industry to satisfy the user’s demands on heavy load; and the excellent capacity of climbing drive to adapt itself to all kinds of complicated road conditions. The machine may be widely used for building operations, bridge & equipment maintenance, shipbuilding, petrochemical engineering, and other related industries.

Product Highlights

1. The super-strong capacity of the climbing drive

The electronic steering and wide foam tires both attribute to an excellent capacity of the climbing drive, thus adapting itself to all kinds of complicated road conditions.

2. Strongest capacity of loading within the industry

The maximum capacity of loading, i.e. 480kg, ranks the first within the industry, thus satisfying the user’s demands on heavy load.

3. Excellent working range

The double-load operating-curve control technologies realize real-time monitoring overloads, thus producing a strong capacity of operation, as well as the widest working range at the same elevation.

Size: 527in x 150in x 121in (LxWxH)
Weight: 40344 lbs


Item Unit Parameter
a Overall Length mm 13380
b Overall Width (shaft retracts/stretches) mm 2490/3800
c Overall Height mm 3070
d Wheel Base mm 3800
Maximum Working Height m 32.2
Maximum Platform Height  m 30.5
Maximum Working Range m 23.1
Maximum Load Capacity kg 480
Boom Luffing Range ° -11~+75
Rotation Angle of Rotating Platform ° 360°
Maximum Tail Wagging(shaft retracts/stretches) mm 2085/1430
Platform Size mm 2400×900
Rotation Angle of Platform ° 180
Total Weight kg 18300
Maximum Travel Speed km/h 5
Minimum Turning Radius(shaft retracts/stretches) m 10.8/8.2(Two-turn)
6.8/5.8(Four -turn)
Minimum Ground Clearance mm 260
Maximum Grade Ability % 45
Tire Specification 385/65D22.5
Engine Model Perkins 1104D-44T
Rated Power of Engine kW/(r/min) 55.5/2400