XC948 Wheel Loader

“TIER 3” –  6.7 Liter Cummins Engine


Technical Specifications(standard quick – coupler)

Overall DimensionsXC948XC949
Overall length (bucket on the ground)7962 mm7962 mm
Bucket width2580 mm2580 mm
Overall height (Cab ceiling)3400 mm3400 mm
Wheelbase3100 mm3100 mm
Tread2060 mm2060 mm
Min. Ground clearance385 mm385 mm


Bucket Capacities2.4 m32.4 m3
Operating weight15900 kg16400 kg
EngineModelQSB 6.7(Tier 3)QSB 6.7(Tier 4f)
Rated power129kW129kW
Rated speed2200r/min2100r/min
Traveling speedsForward I/ Reverse I7.3 km/h7.3 km/h
Forward II /Reverse II12.5 km/h12.5 km/h
Forward III /Reverse III23.5 km/h23.5 km/h
Forward IV36 km/h36 km/h
Max. Tractive force129 KN129 KN
Max. Climbing gradient28º28º
Unloading from the highest positionDumping angle45º45º
Max. Dumping height2770 mm2770 mm
Dumping reach1140 mm1140 mm
Max. Breakout force120kN120kN
Raising time≤6s≤6s
Total cycling time≤10.8s≤10.8s
Min. Turning radiusOutside of the bucket6400 mm6400 mm
Rear outer tire5690 mm5690 mm
Center of the tire5410 mm5410 mm
Turning angle of the frames±40º±40º
Tire size20.520.5
Inflation pressure of tireFront wheel0.38~0.40MPa0.38~0.40MPa
Rear wheel0.32~0.34MPa0.32~0.34MPa

Note: the job content of the standard machine is as below: moderate all kinds of lubricants, full fuel oil and the operator with the weight of 75kg.


Filling capacity

Oil Liquid VolumeXC948XC949
Fuel (diesel)220 L220 L
Engine oil20 L20 L
T/M & T/C oil35 L35 L
Hydraulic reservoir160 L160 L
Single Axle55L55L
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