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XC948U Highlights

The state-of-the-art XC948 wheel loader was developed and designed by XCMG after extensive market and technical research while absorbing and introducing foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology. With superb performance, streamlined appearance characteristics, reliability, safety, comfort, maintenance, and other aspects of the previous generation of products have been greatly improved. The main features are as follows:


The imported electric injection, turbocharged, air-to-air cooling CUMMINS B6.7 engine, which has electric start, electric flameout, and the emissions can meet the requirements of EU Stage V emission regulations; dust air filter with three-stage filtration, which can adapt to dusty conditions; The engine not only has high reliability and adaptability, but also has the advantages of low fuel consumption and fewer emissions, adapts to a variety of working conditions, and is equipped with a variety of machines to better meet the different demands of customers.


The dual-variable system adopts an imported ZF-4BP190 transmission, with four forwards and three reverse gears, electronically controlled automatic shifting, with KD gear, neutral start protection, and variable gear lock function; large capacity torque converter, high transmission efficiency, Effectively improves job efficiency and economic performance; the FNR switch integrated with the joystick of the working device can quickly and easily change the driving direction of the whole machine and reduce the earthmoving and loading cycle time of the whole machine.

 Drive axle

XCMG wet drive axle, The front axle is equipped with a limited-slip differential, maintenance-free multi-piece wet brake pads, prolonging the service life of the axle; strong construction machinery drive shaft, strong impact resistance, high reliability of power transmission. 20.5R25 low-pressure wide-base radial tires are used, which have low rolling resistance and can effectively reduce tire wear. with the condition that the rear axle can swing, the tires have good off-road performance and passing performance and are fully adapted to driving and working on rugged roads.

Hydraulic system

The whole machine adopts a load-sensitive variable, full-variable hydraulic system, provides pressure and flow according to the demands of the machine, eliminates overflow loss, and significantly improves fuel and work efficiency.

Equipped with a hydraulically driven intelligent independent cooling system, the fan speed is automatically controlled according to the oil and water temperature, energy saving, and noise reduction have strong environmental adaptability; the fan can be turned over to effectively prevent the water tank from clogging and improve cleaning convenience. The triple hydraulic system is equipped with quick changes and can be adapted to various tools.

Braking System

Full hydraulic wet service brake and caliper disc parking brake, with low-pressure alarm protection, emergency brake, and parking brake in one, to ensure the safety of your operation, excellent brake components further enhance the reliability of the brake system; The wet multi-disc brake is a fully sealed structure, which can effectively prevent the entry of stolen goods and reduce wear and maintenance.

Cab and control system

XCMGs new FPRS&ROPS micro-pressurized cab has a spacious and bright interior, full coverage of exquisite interiors, and good sealing structure; the cab and hood are damped and noise-reduced, and the operating environment is comfortable and quiet; equipped with Bluetooth radio, optional electric heating rear-view mirror, allowing you to fully enjoy every pleasant driving to improve production efficiency!


The front and rear frames are reasonably arranged and the structure is concise to strengthen the important bearing parts to ensure the overall strength.

Increase the distance between the upper and lower hinge pins of the hinge center, disperse and reduce the stress of the hinge pins, and improve the service life of the bearing.

The lower hinge pin adopts double-tapered roller bearings to increase the carrying capacity and improve the driving stability.

The front frame has good rigidity and provides a solid mounting seat for the boom and cylinder, which can absorb strong torsion, impact, and loading forces.

Using the welding toe fatigue life improvement technology to prevent the welding seam cracking of the whole vehicle under severe working conditions.

Powder electrostatic coating and special anti-corrosion technology solve the problem of corrosion.

The heavy-duty accumulation chain distribution method reduces transportation pollution and improves the cleanliness of components to ensure assembly and coordination accuracy.

Working device and bucket

The working device is optimally designed and adopts a Z-type inverted six-bar linkage structure with a single rocker arm, a short tie rod, and a horizontal boom cylinder, which has superior working performance and working efficiency.

With the function of automatically leveling the bucket at any position, there is no need to adjust the bucket state when shoveling again, which simplifies the operation of the driver.

All hinge pin lubrication adopts a dust-proof structure, which can effectively prevent dust and protect grease from pollution. It provides reliable protection for hinge pins and shaft sleeves. The standard configuration of a centralized lubrication system reduces maintenance time.

centralized lubrication system

The German SKF original centralized lubrication system has excellent performance and reliable quality. Use a proper grease pump to lubricate each point regularly and quantitatively to ensure that each friction pair maintains a reliable and sufficient oil film to make it run normally.

The automatic controller has a timer, the machine starts timing after the machine starts, and when the injection cycle reaches the set value, it starts to inject grease. If the machine stops halfway, the CPU will automatically save the data, and the time will not be restarted the next time it starts, but the time will be accumulated to avoid insufficient lubrication due to the working time being less than the cycle. The injection cycle and oil filling time can be adjusted on the pump control panel.

Reversing image and GPS technology

The advanced reversing rear-view device provides the driver with a broad rear-view working field of vision, which provides a reliable guarantee for safe operation. At the same time, GPS can realize remote data diagnosis function, monitor various technical parameters and operating conditions of the machine at any time, and bring good data support for maintenance.

Electronic weighing system

The whole machine is equipped with an electronic weighing system. By collecting the pressure of the boom cylinder at a specific position, the system can directly give the specific weight of each shoveled material after automatic calculation, and supports data printing and automatic statistics; it has a higher weighing Precision, providing precise

Technical Specifications
Rated Power 99 kw (132.76 hp)
Operating Weight 13500kg (29762.40 lb)
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.9 m3 (2.48 yd)

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