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XC958U Highlights

The XC958 wheel loader is the leading model of the new generation XC9 series loader developed by XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., while absorbing and introducing foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology, it is developed and designed after extensive market and technical research. This new type of loader has the characteristics of super performance and streamlined appearance.

1.1 Use: This machine is a single-bucket, front unloading, articulated, wheel loader, which can carry out shovel loading or short-distance transfer of loose materials such as loose soil, sand, coal, garbage, etc., and can also carry out operations such as traction, leveling, and stacking, it is a multi-purpose, high-efficiency construction machine.

1.2 Working environment

Allowable working altitude: ≤4000m;

Applicable ambient temperature: -15℃~+45℃;

Meet the working conditions of marine salt fog and coal dust areas;

This loader is an ordinary engineering machine and is not suitable for flammable, explosive, high dust, or toxic gas environments (corresponding auxiliary devices need to be added under special working conditions and environments).

1.3 Applicable working conditions

It is widely used in mines, ports, docks, construction sites, stations, freight yards, and other places. It is especially suitable for operations in various working conditions such as large ports, coal mine shoveling, transportation, unloading, and leveling.

Mainly engaged in the classification of working conditions:

  1. Transshipment, loading, and unloading in the process of mining and ore mining; coal transshipment at port wharves and cabin arrangement, as well as surface soil stripping work.
  2. Coal mines, coal yards, sand mines, and ore yards.
  3. Used in ports, docks, cargo yards, and other places, for shovel loading or short-distance transfer, etc. Sometimes auxiliary operations such as traction, leveling, and stacking are required.

Main performance and characteristics

3.1 Product performance and main features

Engine system: adopts imported Cummins V-stage engine, single-tube post-processor, DOC+DPF+SCR post-processing technology route, meeting American T4F, European Stage V emission requirements, turbocharging, electric start, electric flameout, strong power and power Large reserves, convenient and reliable operation. The use of all-around elastic suspension greatly reduces the vibration of the whole machine and the fatigue damage caused by resonance reduces the fatigue strength of the driver and improves the driving comfort of the driver. It has high reliability, high adaptability, low fuel consumption, and low emission. advantage. Intelligent independent heat dissipation system with positive and negative reversal, suction type single-row radiator, integrated air-conditioning condenser, good heat dissipation effect, energy saving, and consumption reduction.

Transmission system: ZF automatic gearbox, hydraulic mechanical transmission, power gear shift, can make full use of engine power so that the whole machine has greater traction; it can adapt to the constant changes of external resistance, and can achieve stepless speed change, reducing Frequent gear shifting impacts the transmission components and the engine; a dust-proof large-flow respirator is applied to the gearbox, which is easy to maintain and improve the cleanliness and reliability of the gearbox. The ZF wet drive axle with high load-bearing capacity is adopted, and the front axle has a limited-slip differential function, which makes the powerful traction of the whole machine easier to play, with and at the same time improves the trafficability of the whole machine; the key block type construction machinery transmission shaft has strong impact resistance and power reliable delivery.

Frame: The front and rear frame articulated opening distances are increased, the upper and lower articulations adopt double-row tapered roller bearings, the matching tolerances are optimized and improved, and the articulation is reliable; the front frame adopts a four-plate tailor-welded structure, and the rear frame is a single-plate structure. The frame has good overall rigidity and strong bearing capacity; the frame adopts finite element analysis and design, focusing on the overall structural strength, reducing stress concentration points, and eliminating local weaknesses; the key structure front axle is installed with a U-shaped plate reinforced structure and a tipping cylinder support The seat adopts a box-shaped reinforced structure with reliable performance; the whole is manufactured by a flexible welding process, which has stronger impact resistance and ensures that it can meet various dangerous and heavy working conditions.

Hydraulic system: Electro-hydraulic proportional control full variable load-sensitive dual-pump confluence hydraulic system, flow, and pressure are self-applicable to load requirements, overcome overflow loss, minimize energy loss, and improve hydraulic system work efficiency. Adopting a full variable dynamic load-sensitive flow amplification steering hydraulic system and electro-hydraulic proportional control working hydraulic system, the handle is easy to operate, reducing the driver’s work intensity; the high hydraulic oil tank, the compact structure of the whole machine, enhances the pump’s oil absorption capacity, and improves the hydraulic pressure System stability; equipped with stability module function to ensure the stability of the vehicle during high-speed driving and material transportation, and improve work efficiency; emergency steering power source in the form of electric pump, controlled by the controller signal, safe and reliable, equipped with independent heat dissipation system, electronic control The technology intelligently adjusts the fan speed and saves energy consumption so that the heat dissipation of the whole machine is always processed in the best state. The whole machine has a wet brake, and the foot brake valve integrates the parking brake and brake light pressure switch, which is easy and safe operation.

Cabin: The new cab has a large operating space, a wide view, and a novel shape; the frame adopts a rectangular profile tube, which is integrally welded to the floor, and the top is equipped with a glass-fiber reinforced plastic top cover, which can be turned over. It meets the ROPS/FOPS standard, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance and is safe. Reliable; air conditioning inside and outside circulation, the air conditioning cover adopts ASA+PC, injection molding, practical and beautiful; the left door and right window of the cab open forward, gas spring opens, both sides have left and right sliding windows and the cab is equipped with front sunshade and endoscope, fire extinguisher, breaker, coat hook, front, and rear adjustable steering column, airbag damping and electric heating seat, a linkage control box with seat, molded rubber floor, exterior rearview mirror with dual lens rearview mirror, front and rear wiper, silicone oil shock absorption, micro-pressurization technology, comfortable driving.

Hood assembly: a large-angle integral back-turning hood, which can fully display the key components and facilitate maintenance and maintenance.


Electrical system: use combination instrument, optimized wiring layout, separate wiring of wiring harness, neat and beautiful control box wiring harness, high protection level connector, high standard wiring harness connector fixed form, wiring harness avoiding flammable and high temperature parts; intelligent independent heat dissipation Control function, emergency steering control function, stability module control, working device quick change function, FNR control function, high and low speed front wiper, electronic weighing function; a power conversion module is installed in the car to realize two power supply modes of 12V and 24V, Meet the driver’s entertainment and audio-visual needs and improve comfort; large-capacity battery reduces the risk of battery loss caused by poor user operation; electro-hydraulic proportional controller, GPS (optional), centralized control box, diagnostic interface, etc. are centrally arranged in The rear of the cab and the rear interior can be opened as a whole to improve product maintainability; data can be transmitted through CAN messages to realize the opening and closing of lights, wipers, stability modules, independent heat dissipation, etc., reduce the number of wires, and improve reliability. Operating comfort and remote detection.

Working devices and tools: optimized hinge points of working devices, large digging depth; enlarged pin shaft diameter, unified boom and boom cylinder pins, universal interchange; bucket with deflector, optimized bucket shape, full load rate Both improve work efficiency; the hinge point of the machine tool remains the same as that of the V series, and the types of tools are diverse and adapt to various working conditions.

Centralized lubrication system: Optional international brand centralized lubrication system, after setting the lubrication time, all hinge pins can be automatically filled with grease, simplifying the maintenance process and improving efficiency; using a combination of automatic and manual lubrication methods, automatic lubrication failure Under the circumstances, it can be lubricated manually to ensure the normal operation of the whole machine.

3.2 Different configurations, optional devices, and adaptive functions of the product

Optional 23.5R25 tires; optional low-temperature start function; optional extended boom; a variety of bucket capacity (2.5-5.0 m3); a variety of tools (slide fork, quick change, side dump, grass grab, Clamp wood pliers, etc.).

Technical Specifications
Operating Weight 19300kg (42549.2 lb)
Standard Bucket Capacity 3.1 m3

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