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Model Type CV123PDU
Location Prince George, British Colombia
Availability CUSTOM ORDER

CV123PDU Vibratory Roller Highlights

CV123U(Tier4F) is a medium-sized, self-propelled, single drum, hydraulic vibratory roller special designed for North America. Fulfilling the requirements of the US final Tier4F emission standard. It is characterized by large exciting force, high compaction efficiency and good compaction quality. It is widely used in compaction work of base layer, sub-base layer and rock fill in roads, railways, airports, harbors, dams and industrial construction site.

2. Main technical performance and characteristics
1)Equipped with Cummins electrical control engine,water-cooled,turbocharged with big power reservation,low oil consumption, small noises. Using SCR after treatment device, fulfilling the requirements of the United States Tier 4F emission standards. Equipped with danfoss temperature control adaptive independent cooling system, automatic control fan speed according to the engine water temperature and hydraulic oil temperature, energy saving and noise reduction.
2)Adopt imported closed hydraulic drive system composed of variable displacement pump and motor to ensure better drive performance and gradeability. Two gears infinitely variable speeds to ensure optimized working speeds under different working conditions.
3)The medium wet type drive axle with anti-slip differential, which realizes automatic torque allocation according to road condition. It allows the roller to reach max tractions under any working condition. Using the 12-ply tubeless tire which is widely used in North American roller market, featuring in wear-resistance and long service life.
4)Variable displacement piston pump and constant displacement hydraulic motor are used. Dual vibrating frequency and amplitude, coupled with optimized match of static linear load and centrifugal force enable the machine to deliver excellent compaction performance over materials of varied layer thickness.
5)Braking system is made up with drive axle, wet type brakes at front drum speed reducer, and brake of closed hydraulic system. It owns travelling, parking, and emergency braking functions to ensure driving safety.
6)Simple in structure, the inner cylindrical vibrating chamber provides high rigidity and strength. With double frequency and resonance function, large static line and exciting force, high efficiency, dedicated vibrating bearings are used on the machine to deliver long service life and high reliability.
7)Sound and light warning indicators on the instrument panel provide instant information on service and maintenance, preventing the machine from working with fault and avoid disastrous damages for minimum on-site downtime.
8)According to ergonomics, the front steering, the right control structure, control box integrated Hirschmann colorful display, combination keypad, CAN bus joystick, function keys and fault indicator light, engine start switch, etc., comfortable to operate. Air suspension seat, multi direction and rigidity adjustments, suitable for drivers of different body shapes.
9)Cab equipped with ROPS is well sealed. Its interior space is large. Large glass provides broad view of sight; radio-tape recorder and air conditioner, suspended seat are available for providing a safe and comfort operational environment.
10)Large angle engine hood makes the repair part easy accessible.

Technical Specifications
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  • 8958 Milwaukee Way, Prince George, BC V2N 5T3
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    Location Chilliwack
    Listing Type New Construction
    Condition For Sale / Rent
    Body Vibratory Rollers
    Fuel type Diesel