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XE55U Highlights

  1. Power system

With the adoption of high pressure direct injection spark ignition engine, each drop of fuel is sufficiently burned, which brings better fuel economy;

More accurately controlled fuel injection time and lower noise, the technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) make the engine compliant with Euro V emission standard.

  1. Hydraulic system

The new-generation hydraulic components combined with latest research achievements have higher efficiency, more accurate control and higher reliability so that strong digging force and excellent operating efficiency are ensured.

  1. II. More efficient return
  2. The hydraulic control and electric control are dynamically integrated with the adoption of load self-adaptation control technology, the load follows the engine power in real time, making full use of each drop of fuel. The fuel is saved by 9% in E mode and the efficiency is increased by 22% in P mode.
  3. The no-tail design with small slewing radius is adopted, the left and right angle of deflection of the working device is respectively 75° and 50°, it can realize complex operation together with superstructure slewing to realize the digging operation parallel with wall surface in narrow and small space through the cooperation of superstructure slewing so as to easily deal with various operating conditions.
  4. The bulldozing deflection can increase operating methods in the narrow lanes, and the blade can be deflected by 25° respectively to the left and right.
  5. One set of high pressure quick change pipeline, two sets of standby pipelines with adjustable flow, more selections of machines and tools are provided, the adjustable flow control make users’ operation more comfortable.

III. More reliable and durable

  1. Large area tempered glasses with high strength are equipped on the cab, which ensures the strength meanwhile improves vision, floodlight is equipped on the roof of the cab to ensure accurate and safe operation at night.
  2. Strengthened boom and arm, adjusted structure and dispersive stress greatly improve service life. New type bucket with decreased depth is standard configuration, which makes unloading more convenient and efficient.
  3. With X-frame chassis structure, reinforcing plate and enlarged box cross section, its bearing performance is greatly improved.
  4. IV. More intelligent control

The powers of hydraulic pump and engine match intelligently, which determines working condition automatically, ensures flow output, decreases engine speed ratio and ensures working efficiency of excavator.

  1. V. More comfortable and safer

Fresh air system is equipped in large view brand new cab, which brings better cooling and heating effects and more comfortable operating environment.The family style appearance and steady streamline make the whole machine more elegant and full of sense of power.

  1. VI. Convenient maintenance and service

After the hood is opened, the maintenances of diesel engine filter and oil filter are within reach; the inspection and refilling of oil and air conditioner refrigerant are extremely convenient.

Technical Specifications
Rated Power 30.7 kW (41.2 hp)
Operating Weight 5.7 t (12,566 lb)
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.16 m3 (0.21 yd3)

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