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Model Type XE35U
Location Chilliwack, British Colombia
Availability In Stock

XE35U Crawler Excavator Highlights

  1. XE35U hydraulic excavator cooperates with multi-functional working tools to complete tasks such as excavation, loading, leveling, trenching, crushing, drilling, pinching, lifting, etc. It is widely used in the construction and production of hydropower, transportation, municipal, garden, farmland transformation, oil pipelines, etc.
  2. XE35U adopts a no-tail design to ensure the machine operate in narrow space, the left and right angle of deflection of the equipment is respectively 75° and 50°, it can realize complex operation together with superstructure slewing to realize the digging operation parallel with wall surface in narrow space to easily deal with various operating conditions. The cab with super large space is leading among the products of the same level, the air conditioner, file pockets, seat belts, cup holders, and reserve power supply greatly enhance comfort and convenience. The cab, base plate, and console are integrated by advanced welding technology, which greatly reduces indoor noise and ensures the comfort of the driver. The cab can be turned 35° forward, and with the full-open rear hood, the whole machine can be repaired in all directions. XE35U is equipped with an alternate hydraulic line that can be switched between single and two-way circuits to meet the needs of one-way or two-way hydraulic circuits and to adapt to urban construction conditions. Optional thumb clamps, hydraulic quick change, etc., to further expand the adaptability of working conditions.
  3. XE35U is equipped with the latest environmentally-friendly engines that meet Euro V and North America 4F emission regulations, ensuring energy and environmental protection while ensuring strong power output.
  4. As a mature product, XE35U integrates environmental protection, intelligence, and versatility, which will play a vital role in urban construction.
Technical Specifications
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Contact Information

  • 43775 Industrial Way, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4L2
  • Phone:
    (778) 704-0701

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    Location Chilliwack
    Listing Type New Construction
    Condition For Sale
    Body Excavator
    Fuel type Diesel