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Model Type XE360U
Location Prince George, British Colombia
Availability CUSTOM ORDER

XE360U Crawler Excavator Highlights


  1. High-end configuration, excellent performance

High-pressure common rail EFI engine that meets North American EPA Tier4F emissions achieves optimal fuel injection control, improves combustion efficiency, and is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Equipped with a new large diameter multi-way control valve, hydraulic system is quick and efficient;Valve element is further optimized to reduce internal pressure loss of the channel, improve maneuverability and efficiency of the composite operation.


Intelligent electronic control system can achieve optimal matching control of engine speed and hydraulic pump, and dynamic balance of power and hydraulic system. With remote fault diagnosis function, operation process will be recorded at any time.

  1. High quality driving experience

High-performance silicone oil shock absorber with internal damping spring will effectively isolate shock waves in specific frequency bands for improved comfort.


The new cab is complemented by luxurious interiors. The panoramic sunroof has a wider view and operation buttons are centrally arranged to fully upgrade the driving experience.


Cab with ROPS can be equipped with top protection, front protection, side protection to meet anti-falling requirements, and thus to further improve cab safety.


Large-screen color LCD display, digital display of machine related information, can display more than ten kinds of machine operation information at the same time. It has good visual effect and more human-machine interface.


High-power cold and warm air-conditioning, equipped with multi-channel stereo air supply system and advanced sound system, it is convenient and comfortable for all kinds of operation at your fingertips.


  1. More reliable and durable

Adopt a large number of special manufacturing process and high-strength and wear-resistant steel to R&D and manufacture structural parts; Strength and service life of products are greatly improved, and various severe working conditions can be easily handled.


Equipped with full-size heavy-duty reinforced chassis structure and sprocket, idler, carrier roller, track roller and track, and reinforced working equipment, it can ensure the stability of the whole machine while satisfying the powerful digging force.


The reinforced attachment, combined with the high-pressure system, can ensure that the machine possess the most powerful digging force among the same size of machines, which can easily cope with various working conditions and meanwhile guarantee long service life.


  1. Convenient maintenance and service

Equipped with a new LED color LCD display, machine maintenance will be timely reminded, which allows users more worry-free and have a great peace of mind.


Daily maintenance points are within reach: Whether it is fuel filter, oil filter, pilot filter or air filter, you can directly service it on the ground.


Dual fuel filter element can protect fuel system; particle filtration has higher accuracy and oil adaptability is strong. The lubrication point of the working device is in the form of centralized lubrication, which makes lubrication easier.


  1. Optional

Breaking hammer and quick change device are optional, which can widen the applications of the machine; standard 3.2m arm, optional 2.67m/2.9m short arm, standard 1.6m³ standard reinforcement bucket, optional 1.4m³/ 1.5m³ rock bucket、1.8m³ earth working bucket.

Technical Specifications
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Contact Information

  • 8958 Milwaukee Way, Prince George, BC V2N 5T3
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    Location Chilliwack
    Listing Type New Construction
    Condition For Sale / Rent
    Body Excavator
    Fuel type Diesel