Indian customers valued XCMG loaders “high power, fuel saving, fast speed, wide vision, comfortable driving”.

Considerate service, users worry-free

High-quality products draw customers’ attention while golden services keep the customers. In the overseas market, service is always most concerned by local customers. XCMG should join hands with local dealers to establish a spare parts store and reserve common parts, vulnerable parts, transmission, axles, engine components and other core spare parts. Service engineers are on standby by 24 hours each day. XCMG, using sufficient spares reserve and fast & effective services, firmly consolidated the post-market.

Since starting to pioneer the Indian market, XCMG has followed the local market demand, listened to customer feedback, continuously upgraded product performance, focused on driving experience, and helped customers obtain higher work efficiency by reducing operator’s fatigue. XCMG, relying on its high-quality products that highly matched with the local market, won orders again and again.