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TZ3 Triple-Boom Drill Jambo


Specifications are subject to change. Numbers may be rounded.

ENGINE MODEL: Deutz TCD2013 L06 2V POWER / ROTATING SPEED: 200 kWr / 2,300 min
DISCHARGE: Non-road, Euro III VEHICLE MASS: 45,800 kg
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 16,000 x 2,950 x 3,400 mm TOTAL INSTALLED POWER: 200 kW

Rock drill: Hydraulic rock drill is designed with a special structural process on the basis of the tunneling construction process in China, being characterized by super-strong deflection resistance capacity, high drilling speed and low drilling tool exhaustion, capable of effectively improving the use performance of the tunnel side hole operation.

Booster: Lightweight high-strength alloy beam, high-strength, flexural resistant, torque resistant and fatigue performance, longer service life.

Chassis: high-efficiency low-discharge engine, articulated frame, fully driven adaptive walk system, good vehicle maneuverability, and good trafficability.

Drill arm: the proprietary technology is used for the full-sided parallel holding of the drill arm, with accurate positioning; the drill arm is designed with the interlocked telescopic structure, capable of effectively enlarging the rock drilling range.

Drilling system: designed with the automatic rod jamming, idle drilling prevention, and automatic rod retrieval functions, capable of effectively improving the drilling efficiency.

Operation performance parameter Unit TZ3
Maximum    operation coverage area 180
Maximum    operation height mm 13075
Maximum    operation width mm 15725
Drill    arm extension length mm 1600
Drill    arm lifting angle ° 70/-30
Drill    arm swing angle ° ±45
Propeller    overturning angle ° 360
Propeller    compensation length mm 1800
Maximum    pushing force kN 20
Borehole    depth mm 5140
Rock    drill impact power kW 17/20
Rock    drill impact frequency Hz 60/70
Rock    drill turning torque N.m 325/762
Borehole    diameter mm 45/70
Work    service platform   Yes
Cabin    roof lifting height mm 700
Lift of    the flushing pump m 153
Flow of    flushing water L/min 300
Water    inlet pipe diameter/length “/m 2/80
Pressure    of air lubricating system bar 3/8
Maximum    air lubricating amount L/min 1050
Electrical    system parameters
Total    installed power kW 200
External    power supply V/Hz 380/50
External    cable length m 100
Quantity    of main pump motor   3
Power    of main pump motor kW 55
Rotating    speed of main pump motor r/min 1470
Power    of pump motor kW 11
Transformer    power kW 7.5
Main    work lighting kW 0.4×2
Auxiliary    work lighting kW 0.15×2
Drive    performance parameters
Maximum    drive speed km/h 17.5
Drive    means   4×4
Maximum    gradability % 25
Minimum    turning radius m 5.5
Turning    mode   Independent steering of rear    axle
Turning    angle ° 29.5/-37
Service    brake   Hydraulic two-circuit, wet-type
Parking    brake   Disc-type, hydraulic relief
Minimum    ground clearance mm 230
Approach    angle/departure angle ° 15.5/15
Engine    model   Deutz TCD2013 L06 2V
Power/rotating    speed kW/r/min 200/2300
Discharge   Non-road, Euro III
Mass    parameters
Vehicle    mass kg 45800
Size    parameters
Outline    dimensions (L*W*H) mm 16000×2950×3400