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XCA300U All-Terrain Crane


Specifications are subject to change. Numbers may be rounded.

OVERALL DIMENSION (L x W x H) ft Boom head forward: 58 x 9.8 x 13.3
WHEEL BASE ft 5.4 / 10.2 / 5.4 / 8 / 5.4
TRACK (FRONT / REAR) ft 8.5 / 8.3
FRONT / REAR OVERHANG ft 8.8 / 7.7

As a typical product for the North American market, XCA300U has six axles and seven boom sections, max. lifting capacity of 331 USt. It has superior lifting performance with a V-type super-lifting device and jib equipped, 26.2ft special jib for 1.5MW wind turbine maintenance. 11 has the easier assembly/disassembly process with efficient counterweight self-assembly technology applied. Its superstructure meets OSHA certificate requirements and the chassis has DOT accepted configuration, which makes XCA300U greatly fit in the North American market. The subsidiary transportation design of Dolly makes the axle load within the upper limit of different North American areas. The engines for XCA300U comply with EPA Tier 4F emission standards.


Super lifting performance: With the 7-section main boom of 262.5ft, fixed jib of 19.7ft-118.1ft, special jib of 262ft for wind turbine maintenance and super-lifting device equipped, XCA300U leads its rivals in lifting performance. Special working condition for 1.5MW wind turbine maintenance: 245.4ft device boom + 26.2ft jib, working radius of 59. 1ft, rated lifting capacity of 291011b.

Precise & safe lifting operation: Closed hydraulic system and a large-displacement pump are used for lifting and slewing system, its lifting speed with a heavy load is 20% over the same kind of cranes. Mature double-variable mechanism with fine control tactic contributes to the smooth start and stop of lifting, slewing, elevating and telescoping operation. Min. stable lifting speed (at drum) is 8.2fpm and min. stable slewing speed is 0.36°/s, lifting operation is precise.

Simple & efficient operation: An advanced motion optimization control program allows a better motion stationary and operating comfort. Humanized operation layout, simple and intuitive control panel and ergonomic operation interface may reduce an operator’s training time and enhance operational efficiency.


Axel load monitoring technology: Axle load and vehicle gravity are calculated dynamically, proper gear (the highest gear engaged) and axle driving mode are matched automatically in real-time, which provides double protection for crane safety in traveling.

Comprehensive brake control technology: It dynamically chooses different braking modes, which contributes to precise control on power performance and avoids invalid braking control or insufficient braking force. It also can shorten the emergency braking distance, effectively avoid a traffic accident, reduce the abrasion of the braking system and increase the service life.

Heavy load transfer: Configuration of 1918031b for short-distance transfer in a job site: with outriggers, boom, super-lifting device, spare tire, and outrigger floats on board. Configuration of 238100lb for short-distance transfer in a job site: with outriggers, boom, super-lifting device, spare tire, outrigger floats and counterweight base on board.

Laws and standards followed: XCA300U primarily follows the ASME30.5-2014 and SAE standard. The functions, safety devices, and access meet the requirements of the OSHA certificate. Improvements to meet with North American road regulation Detachable parts and boom dolly is used to meet various load axle regulations in different regions in North America.


Comfort: Improved designs, such as imperial man-machine interactive interface, US principle braking system, electronic rearview mirror and reserved ports for attaching boom dolly, significantly satisfy the operating habits of North Americans.

Safety: FSG outrigger length detection system, outrigger pressure detection system, and several warning functions, such as braking disk abrasion warning, superstructure low slewing pressure
warning (with DOLLY attached) are available, well ensuring the traveling safety.

Reliability: Engines, transmission, axles, hydraulic pumps, and controllers are all supplied by well-known manufacturers. Parts and components, like glasses, safety belts, connectors, pipes, and lamps, are authorized by the DOT certificate.