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BY XCMG  |  02-11-2020


At the critical moment of fighting against the epidemic, leaders of XCMG like Qiu Cheng, Wang Min, etc., recently, visited Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., XCMG Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., XCMG Excavator Machinery Co., Ltd., XCMG Road Machinery Co., Ltd., XCMG Earth Moving Machinery Co., Ltd. etc. and understood & inspected epidemic prevention and control before these enterprises return to work according to the guiding spirit of "on the premise of well completing epidemic prevention and control, we should fully support, organize, and promote returning to work and production of all kinds of enterprises. All units are required to ensure both safe epidemic prevention and control, and safety in production based on overall situation consideration and scientific planning.
On site, Qiu Cheng and Wang Min listened to their epidemic prevention and control, and asked employees whether they had contacted any person from the stricken area, and had fever, cough and other symptoms in detail. Enterprise epidemic prevention and control must be performed carefully, solidly and in place. Key protective measures should be put into practice according to the actual work situation, reassuring employees and their families.
XCMG leaders require the enterprise to put epidemic prevention first, strive to achieve "proceed with confidence, work together, prevent epidemic scientifically, implement policies precisely”, grasp the crucial steps, focus on key steps, and take all preventive measures.
Enterprises should strengthen standard management on public areas, regularly disinfect theses areas, and pay high attention to the canteen, workshops, offices, meeting rooms, elevators and other key areas. Members and cadres of the Communist Party should fight on the front line. Party and government leaders and party organizations at all levels, and all party members should play a key role and fight in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control battle, organize and command the "battle", understand the epidemic situation, take actions in a timely manner, and spare no pains to win this epidemic prevention and control battle resolutely.
Enterprises should create value for the society. Facing the epidemic situation, prevention and control should be put first, while the consciousness of production and operation should not be slackened. According to requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the provincial/municipal Party committee, all units must pay high attention to organized epidemic prevention and control of returning to work and production and continue to work hard for achieving objective of economic development this year.
At the same time, we must grasp the opportunity from the crisis and guide the suppliers to arrangement of returning to work and production on the premise of implementing epidemic prevention and control. In addition, in this critical period, we should care for our customers, transmit XCMG culture, and fulfill our idea of Alliance Army, and win battles of epidemic prevention and control.