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XE470U Hydraulic Excavator


Specifications are subject to change. Numbers may be rounded.

BUCKET CAPACITY: 2.2-2.5 cbm ENGINE: Original Japanese Engine

The XE470U is strictly designed and produced according to ergonomic standards. The design obeys the operation habit of the local market. It is equipped with an operation mode switching valve with a TPEM sign. It also has an explosion-proof valve device, the whole car safety barriers, and HD rear camera. To adopt more work conditions, it has break hammer and quick-change hydraulic system.


The XE470D hydraulic excavator has used a new generation of independently researched and developed controllers and optimized the matching between the engine power and the pump to make full use of the engine power, improve the working efficiency and effectively reduce the fuel consumption. The optimization of the hydraulic pipelines can improve the oil return pressure loss and system backpressure, effectively reduce the energy loss and ensure the machine operation steadiness and rapidness.

Its solid lower walking mechanism features higher durability, reliability, and maneuverability, able to satisfy the demands for heavy-load operations; the reinforced four wheels and tracks configured boast more excellent performance and more reliable quality, able to comprehensively reduce the maintenance costs. Its H-shaped front working mechanism and strengthened key parts have improved the reliability during heavy-load operations.

As one of the large-sized leading models launched by the ROGERS Excavator Machinery Business Department with no effort spared, the XE470D hydraulic excavator has been adhering to the product design concept of "high efficiency, high-level security, low carbon emissions, and environmental protection". This machine can be widely used in mining and large-scale earthwork projects and applied to the majority of soil geological conditions at home and abroad by virtue of its wide range of applications, sufficient flexibility, high construction efficiency, and perfect mining capacity.

  Unit Parameters
Model Operating weight kg 46100
  Bucket capacity 2.1-2.5
Engine Engine model / Cummins QSM11
  Direct injection /
  4×Strokes /
  Water cooling /
  Turbocharging /
  A/A Air-air intercool /
  Cylinders / 6
  Output power of engine Kw/rpm 250/2000
  Max.torque/engine N.m/rpm 1790/1400
  Displacement L 11
Mian pertormance Travel speed km/h 5.4/3.2
  Slewing speed r/min 9
  Gradient capability ° ≤30°
  Ground pressure kPa 82.7
  Digging capacity of tcuket kN 284
  Digging capacity of tcuket rod kN 236
  Max.traction kN 338
Hydraulic system Main pump / Tow plunger pumps
  Rated flow of main pump L/min 2×360
  Pressure of main safety valve Mpa 31.4/34.3
  Pressure of traveling system Mpa 34.3
  Pressure of swing system Mpa 28.4
  Pressure of pilot system Mpa 3.9
Oil volume Fuel tank capacity L 650
  Hydraulic tank capacity L 360
  Engine oil volum L 38
Apperance size A Total length mm 12032
  B Total width mm 3580
  C Total heigth mm 3842
  D Width of rotary table mm 2950
  E Length of track mm 5220
  F Total width of chassis mm 3580
  G Width of track mm 600
  H Wheelbase of track mm 4180
  I Track gauge mm 2392/2890
  J Counterweight ground clearance mm 1360
  K Min.ground clearance mm 703(Tooth height not included)
  L Min.tail swing radius mm 3665
Working scope A Max.digging height mm 10675
  B Max.unloading height mm 7409
  C Max.digging depth mm 7337
  D Digging depth at the range of 8feets horizontally mm 7177
  E Max.vertical digging depth mm 5225
  F Max.digging radius mm 11631
  G Max.swing height mm 4909
Standard configuration Boom length mm 7060
  Length of bucket rod mm 2900
  Bucket capacity 2.2Rock bucket
Optional counfiguration Boom length mm 7060
  Length of bucket rod mm 3380/2500
  Bucket capacity 2.1
      2.3Rock bucket

2.5Earthmoving bucket