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XE490U Hydraulic Excavator


Specifications are subject to change. Numbers may be rounded.


The XE470U is strictly designed and produced according to ergonomic standards. The design obeys the operation habit of the local market. It is equipped with an operation mode switching valve with a TPEM sign. It also has an explosion-proof valve device, the whole car safety barriers, and HD rear camera. To adopt more work conditions, it has break hammer and quick-change hydraulic system.


The power system adopts the Cummins QSM11 engine imported from America, which applies direct injection, four-stroke, water cooling, turbo-charging, air to air intercooler and six cylinders and features high reliability, high adaptability, strong power, low energy consumption, and environmental protection. It satisfies the EU Ill emission standard and is a specific product well designed and manufactured for working conditions of engineering mechanical operation. The radiator is an imported Toyo radiator. It has good heat dissipation performance, internal shock-absorbing capacity, and high reliability. The installation system of the engine adopts plane four-point supporting flexible connection method which eliminates resonance between the power system and the frame and also reduces noise inside the cab. So that the engine can operate more efficiently. This system is also equipped with a Donaldson air filter imported from America, of which the internal and external filter elements are all made of Ultra-Web® filter medium, so that filtration effect increases to 99.99% and the service life extends 2 times.


The hydraulic system adopts hydraulic components imported from Japan and a mature and reliable negative flow control system. Through dual pump converging, more flow distributions are supplied to each operating cylinder through a multi-way valve, thus ensuring strong digging force and excellent operation efficiency of the machine. Master pump with larger displacement and new type master valve are adopted, which feature low-pressure loss, reliable performance, and precise control. Large displacement single rotary motor is adopted, which makes rotary torque increase efficiently and ensures fast startup. The diameter of balls on slewing bearing increases by 20% and the diameter of the raceway is enlarged, so that the bearing capacity increases by 15%. This machine adopts a centralized electric equipment control device that can combine all fuses, circuit conducting devices and relays of the complete machine is into an assembly through printed circuit board and shell. By connecting the connector with the harness of the complete machine, the purpose of centralized control, simplified circuit, convenient maintenance and troubleshooting of above electric equipment components can be realized.

Compound system, boom preferential, bucket rod preferential, rotation preferential and hydraulic oil flow regeneration system of the boom and the bucket rod ensure optimum operational performance of the machine. The new generation of controller developed independently upgrades the power matching mode and optimizes matching between the pump and engine. Therefore, it can take full play of engine power and reduce oil consumption while improving the operating efficiency. The electric harness is coated by using braid technology. The raw materials are nylon wires imported from America, which have high flexibility, high tightness, and excellent mechanical property.


Main platform: The left and right skirt frames adopt a 0-shaped structural steel design; it can prevent deformation under the impact.

Chassis: Solid lower running part can satisfy requirements of heavy load digging and mining with higher durability, reliability, and mobility. Equipped strengthened four-wheel one-belt has excellent performance and more reliable quality. Its service life increases by 25%, thus usage and maintenance cost is overall reduced. Besides, the chassis is lengthened type, so that operating stability is effectively improved and shaking of the machine during mining operation is greatly reduced. Slewing bearing is re-designed and matched, and its strength is greatly increased. Stable rotation can be realized even during a heavy load operation. Strengthened running frame and X-shaped beam structure improve the strength of cross-section and disperse the stress on the machine body so that the machine can be used for harder work.

Strengthened front end working device: Key parts of H-shaped boom and bucket rod are all integrated casting structure which features uniform stress and longer service life. Rock bucket with large capacity adopts a bi-arc design structure, the digging resistance is reduced; equipped with ESCO tooth, the bucket has stronger penetrating power and better abrasion resistance, and the service of it increases over one time. Connecting parts of working devices adopt reinforced resin gasket imported from Japan, abrasion, and noise at connecting parts are reduced. Materials used can be recycled and reused, which is safe and environment-friendly. This machine adopts an oil cylinder, rigid tube and rubber tube with a larger diameter to increase hydraulic oil flow and provide stronger digging force. Oil cylinder uses strength­ end support ring structure so that the service life is greatly extended and faults like oil leakage and abrasive DAMAGE can be avoided effectively.


Cab: Spacious cab and control devices according to the ergonomics design concept can provide an excellent view for operators and ensure maximum comfort and controllability. The configuration satisfies the requirements of FOPS on the protective fence and reinforced cad so that the safety of operators can be ensured at a higher level. Besides, the cab is equipped with a running alarm lamp which improves the safety of the working environment around the machine. The excavator is equipped with 4 rearview convex mirrors in total and also the visual rear camera, in this way, view of the driver increases to 360° so that the operation is safer.

Visibility: night lights are LED light which has high luminance and low energy consumption and can work for 20000h continuously.

Shock absorber: Imported four-point supporting silicone oil shock absorber can reduce vibration and noise in the cab effectively and relieve fatigue to the largest extent during operating, thus providing sufficient support for operators during long time work.

Seat: The seat is an electric heating seat. It can improve the comfort level of the operator effectively when operating in cold areas. There is a spring cylinder shock-absorbing device installed on the underframe of the seat to reduce harmful vibration. At the same time, improved headrest and widened backrest represent the “people-oriented” design concept, provide more comfortable operating experience and improve the working efficiency

Monitor: Multi-functional color liquid crystal screen can provide comprehensive and legible machine information for operators and can monitor the working status of the engine and the hydraulic system. It can also be used for searching for various operations and fault diagnosis data of the machine. Function switches are arranged on the control panel in a centralized way. The selection of switch is very easy by using the touch button.

Counterweight: Standard weight-increasing type counterweight improves the stability of the machine and relieves operators’ fatigue during a long time driving.


Application of independent heat dissipation technology: the master pump is equipped with a PTO device for driving the fan motor. It features automatic speed regulation, low rotation speed, low noise, and flexible control, and it can also reduce the power loss of the engine. Besides, the fan is equipped with a reverse rotating function which makes it convenient for radiator cleaning. The engine adopts high efficient CELECT fuel injection technology and realizes cylinder by cylinder balanced control and full-electronic control. This greatly improves the specified torque curve of fuel economy. With low speed and large torque, low fuel consumption, good economy, and sufficient power reserve, the engine is applicable to areas with an altitude of 5000m.

The hydraulic system adopts flow regeneration energy-saving technology, bucket rod converging pressure-dropping technolo­gy and valve element opening adaptive technology to further reduce return backpressure, improve digging force and improve heavy load operating efficiency. Application of constant power control technology: the engine can maintain constant power mode within a certain speed so that the machine can still maintain strong power output even under heavy load low speed. Application of altitude adaptive technology: use GPS positioning technology to recognize the altitude of the operating area, and then adjust the hydraulic power automatically to match with the power. Application of XEICS system with proprietary intellectual property rights: this system can adjust the power of the master pump according to altitude, avoid overload of the engine and realize electronic energy-saving control.


Engine oil filter, pilot filter, fuel filter, oil-water separator, and air filter are installed at places where inspection and replacement can be conducted on the ground, which makes maintenance convenient, and also makes maintenance time saved and working efficiency improved. The engine guard adopts an upturning structure design, and the open-angle is wide so that it is convenient for the maintenance of the engine and radiator. There is a protective net installed outside the radiator. It can prevent suction of foreign matters such as catkin and make it easier for dismantling and cleaning. The radiator and oil cooler are parallel to each other, which makes it convenient for cleaning and dismantling of the radiator and oil cooler.

  Unit Parameters
Model Operating weight kg 46100
  Bucket capacity 2.1-2.5
Engine Engine model / Cummins QSM11
  Direct injection /
  4×Strokes /
  Water cooling /
  Turbocharging /
  A/A Air-air intercool /
  Cylinders / 6
  Output power of engine Kw/rpm 250/2000
  Max.torque/engine N.m/rpm 1790/1400
  Displacement L 11
Mian pertormance Travel speed km/h 5.4/3.2
  Slewing speed r/min 9
  Gradient capability ° ≤30°
  Ground pressure kPa 82.7
  Digging capacity of tcuket kN 284
  Digging capacity of tcuket rod kN 236
  Max.traction kN 338
Hydraulic system Main pump / Tow plunger pumps
  Rated flow of main pump L/min 2×360
  Pressure of main safety valve Mpa 31.4/34.3
  Pressure of traveling system Mpa 34.3
  Pressure of swing system Mpa 28.4
  Pressure of pilot system Mpa 3.9
Oil volume Fuel tank capacity L 650
  Hydraulic tank capacity L 360
  Engine oil volum L 38
Apperance size A Total length mm 12032
  B Total width mm 3580
  C Total heigth mm 3842
  D Width of rotary table mm 2950
  E Length of track mm 5220
  F Total width of chassis mm 3580
  G Width of track mm 600
  H Wheelbase of track mm 4180
  I Track gauge mm 2392/2890
  J Counterweight ground clearance mm 1360
  K Min.ground clearance mm 703(Tooth height not included)
  L Min.tail swing radius mm 3665
Working scope A Max.digging height mm 10675
  B Max.unloading height mm 7409
  C Max.digging depth mm 7337
  D Digging depth at the range of 8feets horizontally mm 7177
  E Max.vertical digging depth mm 5225
  F Max.digging radius mm 11631
  G Max.swing height mm 4909
Standard configuration Boom length mm 7060
  Length of bucket rod mm 2900
  Bucket capacity 2.2Rock bucket
Optional counfiguration Boom length mm 7060
  Length of bucket rod mm 3380/2500
  Bucket capacity 2.1
      2.3Rock bucket

2.5Earthmoving bucket