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XE18U Highlights

The XE18U comes with every feature you expect from a mini excavator in its tonnage.

Powered by a reliable 15.8 hp Kubota engine, you can count on it to finish tough jobs in various operating conditions. When it comes to efficiency, versatility is a critical factor. That’s why the machine is compatible with multiple attachments that can be installed within a short time with its manual, quick coupler. You will finish the operations with ease and comfort on the Jobsite. Variable angle boom, 60° to the left and 50° to the right, zero swing tail, and retractable undercarriage give you an edge when undertaking operations in confined sites such as indoors, basements, gardens, and community landscapes.

Compact Machine with Excellent Performance.

This mini excavator is ready for today’s demanding jobs. The XE18U with OPG/TOPS/ROPS(ISO 3471) canopy provides excellent visibility, stability, optimal comfort and safety for the operator to finish jobs in tight corners that demand precision control and state-of-the-art performance. Features such as Zero-tail swing, hydraulic retractable undercarriage, angle boom, and powerful digging forces can give the operator confidence. With high reliability, low operating costs, and superior efficiency, you’ve got the ideal mini machine for a wide range of demanding jobs.

Zero-tail Swing

With a zero-tail swing, even the most confirmed space Costs no trouble for the operator. The tail always stays within the width of the tracks (when extended) when you turn the canopy throughout its 360-degree turning radius, do not worry about damaging any objects. During the engineering stage of the zero-tail XE18U, balance, fast and smooth operation were our primary targets. With these targets in mind, we launched this compact excavator with excellent features to its full potential in urban environments, landscaping, minor demolition and other utilities works.

Extended Undercarriage

With the standard hydraulic retractable undercarriage passing through a narrow doorway or gate is easy. While the extended undercarriage guarantees the operator better stability, lifting and loading performance.

Angle Boom

The left (60°) and right (50°) boom swing angles give the operator confidence and efficiency during complex operating conditions like parallel wall digging or travelling in narrow spaces.

AUX1 Attachment Pipelines

The standard single-way and dual-way auxiliary hydraulic pipelines are ideal for easy control of multiple attachments.
Technical Specifications
Rated Power 11.8 kW (15.8 hp)
Operating Weight With Canopy 1,795 kg (3,968.3 lb)
Standard Bucket Capacity 0.04 m3 (0.05 yd3)

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